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PIKPAC Solutions, Inc. geared up to build an industry specific enterprise solution for the SMEs, the first challenge was to choose the industry that had the greatest need for such a solution. After thorough research, and in consultation with SAP America Inc, We chose the packaging industry. This industry has a real need for a product like PIKPAC. The fact is that the industry is under-served in terms of software solution needs

We developed PIKPAC with a team of highly ex-perienced and knowledge-able SAP consultants and a packaging industry expert with nearly 40 years of packaging experience.

PIKPAC will provide you with the much needed visibility into your financials. The balance sheet and the P&L are updated in real time. The built-in ‘Controlling & Profit-ability Analysis’ function enables you to monitor and analyze your profitability based on different criteria. You can now analyze your profitability based on:

  • Customer
  • Sales order
  • Product
  • Market Segment

The accounts payable re-ports help you track the pending payments and avoid double payments. The accounts receivables and the credit check are tightly inte-grated with sales order processing. This alerts your sales personnel as they create sales orders if the customer has exceeded their credit limit.

Accurate costs are captured at each level of the manufac-turing process with a de-tailed ‘planned vs. actual’ analysis report on a real time basis.
Efficient cash management that is integrated with ac-counts payables and receiv-ables to monitor cash flows and make sure that you have liquidity to cover all your payment obligations.
PIKPAC also provides the framework for compliance to US GAAP standards.


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